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Who Am I

Before salvation, I was lost,

A battered ship set adrift

On the ocean of life;

My course was set

By forces out of my control.


I was a sinner; unforgiven...

...because I had not yet asked:

Set to embrace eternity

In the flaming arms of darkness;

Sightless and alone.


But in the midst of my blindness

I found You; a shining light of hope;

And now I am so much more

I am not a nobody...

I am a somebody.


Who am I?

I am a child of God;

I am a branch of the vine;

I am a friend, a saint, an heir with Christ;

I am forgiven, justified, and redeemed;

I am wise, righteous, and sanctified;

I am chosen, blameless, and holy;

I am bold and confident through faith;

I am triumphant and a temple for the Holy Spirit;

I am accepted and will not be condemned.


Who am I?

In Christ, I am all these things...

   ...and so much more.


Christopher J. Thomasson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1972. At the age of two, his family permanently settled in the piney woods of East Texas. He discovered a love for reading and writing at a very young age and until the mid-2010's he only ever wrote for himself, his family, and his closest friends.

In April 2013, at the age of 40, he suffered a heart attack while on the tennis court. Within a couple of days, he was undergoing triple-bypass surgery. Because of his love for tennis and the increased active lifestyle the sport provided, the doctors informed him of a miracle - with the clotting in his veins, his heart created new vessels to transport blood to those areas that were being depleted...and as a result of those new vessels, his heart had sustained no damage!

As a result of this experience, he realized he had more to add to this life than merely existing - he has a story to share...a lot of stories to share! He loves the challenge of writing outside just one or two genres. Many of his early short stories and poetry compositions include fantasy, science fiction, romance, and horror. He is a very descriptive writer - in other words, he takes pride in being able to use adjectives to paint pictures with his words: but not so much that he slows down the story's pace.

Christopher currently lives in Houston County, Texas with his beautiful wife Debra. They have two children, Camron and Megan; and four grandchildren; Braydon, Cheyenne, Brooklynn, and Wyatt Christopher.

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