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Jumper is here!

Here it is, the next chapter (literally) in The Roseland Chronicles featuring Joseph Beck. And guess what? I'm going to give it to my blog and newsletter subscribers for free. Yes, yes...there is a catch (sort of). In exchange for the free short story Jumper, would you be willing to write a short review on Amazon (or, at least, give me a few stars)?

If you answered yes, then please, email me at come and let me know that you'd like to read Jumper for free.

Joseph Beck, only a few months removed from the events chronicled in the novel, Average Joe, is now faced with another challenge: trying to talk teenage jumper, Paul Garland, off a fifteenth-floor ledge. But not is all that it seems. From the moment he hears the word, "Jumper" from his police scanner, he feels called to the location and soon discovers there's more to Paul than meets the eye. As more secrets of the spirit realm are revealed, Joe will begin to question everything about his abilities and what his future holds. Then comes the warning...a warning of the future. Jumper is a short story that chronologically, falls after the full-length novel, Average Joe, but before the upcoming Roseland Chronicles books,The Gravedigger and The Artist. Both The Gravedigger and The Artist will be available soon.

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