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At the Printers

I'm happy to announce, I dropped off two of my original oil paintings to a local printer and in a few short weeks, I'll have prints available in my store. The titles are Dock at Bayview, Idaho and Racing the Rain. I painted the Bayview picture is based on a reference photo I took while driving around Lake Pend Oreille with some friends in the Idaho panhandle. The cowboy, working on the fence line, was taken from a photo provided by Shane E., a friend of mine from Tyler, TX. It's actually a picture of him working on the fence and I added the rain elements in the background.

The printer gave me several options of paper and I decided to go with the archival, acid-free, fine art paper - there was a definite difference in quality when comparing them all together. The paper I chose felt more like fabric than paper and I can't wait to see the finished prints. These will list for around $40 plus shipping.

In addition, I will be able to have a stretched canvas option. I probably won't stock these but will offer them as a print-on-demand option with the understanding that it'll take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Stretched canvas prints will run about $75.

I have a new batch of books being printed as well. They will be on hand for vendor shows and for sale on my website for anyone that would like a signed copy. If a signed copy doesn't matter, they are also available on Amazon in print and digital formats. Have Kindle Unlimited? If so, you can read them for free on your Kindle.

Until next time, keep reading, keep drawing, and keep inspiring.


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