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I'm now on Patreon!

Why Patreon?

I'm really excited about this new adventure in my writing career. For the last several weeks, I've been really focused on getting the words on the page. While it may look like I'm not producing anything, I's just that my current works revolve around full-length novels and those take time.

In the meantime, I'm still having ideas and inspiration that I consistently take time to record. That's when the thought came to mind: why not share all those behind the scenes creations with my readers?

What are you talking about, Chris?!

Exclusive Content to Patrons

As an avid reader, I'm often curious as to how other authors are inspired and develop their finished prose. Where did the idea come from? What was its development? How much did it change over time? On the author side, with these questions always in the back of my head, I thought, why not show everyone my own processes? So that's what I'm going to do...every note, idea, and completed story will be on Patreon for your perusal!

In many cases, I hand-write (either on paper or on my iPad) my initial story ideas and impressions. I'll be adding those hand-written scans/downloads to Patreon for my fellow patrons to follow and read the developing story from the first idea, to the first draft, and on into the final product. While this might not be ideal for everyone, I believe there are those out there that are particularly interested in seeing the ongoing evolution of a story, even before its completion. For those, I have a specific tier that gives you access to all these goodies.

For those that just want the final product, there's a tier for you as well. Want physical, autographed paperback copies of my publications shipped right to you? There's a tier for you as well.

Please visit my Patreon page for all the tier pricing and benefits by clicking the link below:

I hope it'll be an interesting journey, not just for you, but for me as well.


Now, a little bit ago I mentioned I was going to start reading Mr. X by Peter Straub. I have to say, where Mr. Straub is concerned, he's more hit than miss (there's only one book I started by him, so far, that I just couldn't get in to).

But in this case, Mr. X was a hit! This doppelganger story had a mix of mystery and the paranormal. It hit all the right buttons with me even though it wasn't my top Straub novel (that one belongs to book two of the Blue Rose Trilogy, Mystery).

Mr. X was an entertaining and fast-paced 4-star read.


Next up, a book recommended from The Squirrel Podcast hosts, Candace Thomas and Jody L. Milner. Red Shirts by John Scalzi was just what I needed after reading a slew of serious thrillers and mysteries. It was fast-paced, funny, and didn't pull any punches when poking fun at one of the most beloved science fiction series in television (and movie) history.

Another entertaining 4-star read!


Last, but not least, Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon. At 850 pages, it's a monster read, but I'll tell you right here: it's worth every minute! And those minutes seem to fly by.

I know what you're thinking-especially my male friends, isn't this a woman's romance? Well, yes, it has plenty of romance (so does just about every other book in existence), but it's not just for the woman. It's also a mystery, a survivor story, and a thriller. It has evil British soldiers, executions, captures, rescues, swords, political intrigue, deception, deceit, murder, and enough hand-to-hand combat to make Rambo keep looking over his shoulder.

On top of all that, you might fear that Diana's writing is long, drawn out prose that might make you yawn and lose interest (hence, the massive 850 pages), but you'd be wrong. Yes, she if very descriptive but she writes in such a way that the sentences just rush past while at the same time, painting a crystal clear picture in your mind's eye. Every word seemed to push me to the next sentence, the next paragraph, the next chapter, until before I knew it, it was 1:30 in the morning!

From one author to another: I hope to one day write as well as Diana Gabaldon! My final verdict, Outlander is a fast-paced behemoth that can't be put down: a very deserved 5-star read!

Now, on to book two, A Dragonfly in Amber...


Thanks so much for stopping in. I hope you'll check out my Patreon page and will be willing to help support this independent author and artist. Until next time...


October 2, 2023

A final note to those that may be wondering what Patreon is or have never heard of it.

Here are the details right from the Patreon About Page:

Patreon powers membership businesses for creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and energize their paying patrons. With a subscription-style payment model, fans pay their favorite creators a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey.
This model is a win-win; creators retain creative freedom while getting the salary they deserve, and fans get to rest easy knowing that their money goes directly towards creating more of what they love.
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