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New Artwork

What's something I haven't done in a while? Answer: Update my website!

Good grief, time really gets away from you doesn't it? Well, this might be short, but at least I'm attempting to make an appearance, right? I'll be back though - and hopefully more often. I've been told (and it's something I know but never do) is to update my website and share to social media...not the other way around. Social media posts should be created here, then shared elsewhere, that way clicks bring the curious back here. Hopefully, I'll stick with it, maybe make a habit of it.

So, without any more preamble, here a few new pieces of artwork I've created over the last few months. Several of these are at the printer for scanning, so they are not available for sale yet, but once I have them back, I'll be adding them to the store for anyone that might be interested in purchasing one.

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