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Oil Pastels

I wanted to take just a moment to share some of the oil pastels pieces I've created over the past couple of months at a local Chamber even here in Crockett (the Shop Late 'Til 8).

Shop Late 'Til 8 Booth

I considered using watercolors, but then you have the fear of spilling paint-stained water on someone's floor (if indoors), or just having to carry a bunch of supplies like paintbrushes and such. With oil pastels, all I needed were the pastels, paper, a flat surface, and some tape to secure the paper. Simple.

And I love, love, love how they look on paper. The colors are vibrant and bold. My biggest peeve to get over is trying to make the art perfect. With watercolor, pencil, pen & ink, and oil paints, I take my time...every line, leaf, rock, house, and ocean wave is mapped out, studied, and meticulously crafted (in many cases, two or three times over).

With oil pastels, I'm working on speed. Finishing a piece of art in thirty minutes instead of 4 hours significantly reduces the amount of time involved in a single creation. It also means I can produce more and sell at a deeply discounted price. This is good for everyone because I can present more options, and patrons can have an original piece of artwork that is budget-friendly.

So, below are just a few of the oil pastel pieces I created over the past few weeks.

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