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The Gravedigger

Behind the story...

A word of warning, the following will contain minor spoilers for the book, Average Joe. If you have not read Average Joe, book one of The Roseland Chronicles, you can find it here: Average Joe

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, here's a look at how The Gravedigger came to be...

Like most series of books, The Roseland Chronicles follows the main protagonist from book one, Average Joe. In that book, I introduced Joseph Beck, a private security specialist that spends much of the book surrounded by people, but ultimately alone. Part of my journey for Joe was to bring him out of that pit of despair and force him to interact with others and break through that shell that he'd build around himself.

Of all those people, Chief Porter would be the closest thing to a friend that Joe could get. However, they would never be as close of friends as I wanted. The only way to do that is to have Porter quit his job and join Joe in his paranormal exploits. I can't have that...for now, I like Porter right where he is because without him in the police department, much of Joe's inside information would no longer be available to him. As these stories progress, you'll see that, from time to time, Joe relies heavily on Porter.

So, now that Porter is out, I had to come up with someone else to partner with Joe. Someone that was strong and could help keep Joe grounded, someone that wouldn't allow him to slip back into depression, someone to have his back when things get tough, and someone with a background in warfare that could bring his knowledge and expertise. That someone is Steven Banks...and The Gravedigger is his story. In fact, he will be featured in upcoming books just as much as Joe as he will not only be his best friend but will be working with him to solve some of the most amazing paranormal mysteries...the biggest of which is, why is Roseland, TX such an active hotbed for the paranormal?

Now, for fans of Joseph Beck, don't fret, he does make an appearance in The Gravedigger. His part in this story is very small, but it's no less important...and you'll see why once book 4, Heart Condition, is finished and published.

That's right, I have two more books in the works following this one. Actually, there are three more books, and two of those have direct ties with The Gravedigger as they are occurring in the exact same timeframe. Here's what you have to look forward to:

Book 3: The Artist - the direct sequel to Average Joe featuring Joseph Beck & Steven Banks

Book 4: Heart Condition - featuring JB, SB, and Amelia (introduced in The Gravedigger)

Book 5: Fall from Grace - a standalone featuring Eduardo Rijos (introduced in The Gravedigger)

Lord willing, there will be more books beyond these and I can't wait to start revealing bits and pieces surrounding The Roseland Chronicles. I hope you'll stick with me along the way.

Until next time,

Happy Reading,

Christopher J Thomasson

Other books:

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I Am Nobody - The Novelization (Coming Soon)

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The Roseland Chronicles:

Book 1: Average Joe

Book 1.5: Jumper

Book 3: The Artist (Coming Soon)

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