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The Gravedigger 2.0

After more than half-a-year, I've finally completed the final edits of The Gravedigger. While it has been published in its ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) version since January, today marks the day the updates are complete...including a new cover.

Why the new cover? I really liked the original cover...the view from within a grave, looking up at the cross, and as shovel-fulls of dirt fall, it painted an ominous picture. However, while the image brought up plenty of questions as to the book's contents, it still only reflected the protagonist's occupation. This book is so much more than just that, so I started the morning canvasing image after image to find the perfect look that reflects the core of the book...the physical and mental turmoil Steven Banks endures each and every day.

Steven is a soldier at heart. His demon is war and his angel is survival. When I finally stumbled upon the image that now graces the cover, I knew it was just right. As of this posting, the old image is still on Amazon, but you should see the changes within the next two or three days as I just submitted those updates.

If you haven't yet read The Gravedigger, here's an easy link to either download a digital copy, or purchase the paperback version. In either case, thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy this addition to The Roseland Chronicles library. I'm diligently working on book three, The stay tuned.

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