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Who Am I

I Am Nobody: Available on this website or anywhere online books are sold.

Who am I?

If you've ever seen me post about my memoir and asked yourself, what could he have to say that I actually want to read? The short answer is, probably nothing-after all, I am nobody.

For those of you that are actually curious, but have never taken the plunge into these pages, I wanted to take the time to let you know why I decided to write a memoir.

You might not believe this, but we all have a story. The fact that you are a living being supports this. Something else you might not believe is, your story is meant to be told. It's a testament to your life. Whether or not you are religious is not a factor either. My faith is a major part of my story, but it might not be for you. However, despite this, you still have life experiences in which others can relate.

Is my story better than your story? No. It's not about who's story is better than someone else's...this is about the testimony. This is about touching lives and using my life experience to better someone else's.

So, what is I am Nobody about? I mentioned the fact that we all have a story. What I mean by this is that we all have events that define our lives. We can all look back into the past and, while many of our daily activities fall into the mists of forgetfulness, there are those other events that stick with us forever. These events often change us...for better or worse, who's to say? We are all uniquely different.

I am Nobody is the chronicling of these events in my life. They are my testimony and I believe, even if there is only a single person in this world that can relate or be impacted by my story, then it needed to be written.

I hope that this explains a little behind my motivations for writing the story of my life. in addition, I hope that, if you read my story, that it will bless you. With that, I wrote a poem titles Who am I that really defines my life and my beliefs. For so many years I thought I was a nobody...that my existence in this world was just to take up space. Then I had a heart attack and discovered that there is a reason for my existence. Through Christ's saving grace, I am just like Him. Since he lives within me, everything He was and is, means I'm just like Him.

Who Am I

Before salvation, I was lost,

A battered ship set adrift

On the ocean of life;

My course was set

By forces out of my control.

I was a sinner; unforgiven...

...because I had not yet asked:

Set to embrace eternity

In the flaming arms of darkness;

Sightless and alone.

But in the midst of my blindness

I found You; a shining light of hope;

And now I am so much more

I am not a nobody...

I am a somebody.

Who am I?

I am a child of God;

I am a branch of the vine;

I am a friend, a saint, an heir with Christ;

I am forgiven, justified, and redeemed;

I am wise, righteous, and sanctified;

I am chosen, blameless, and holy;

I am bold and confident through faith;

I am triumphant and a temple for the Holy Spirit;

I am accepted and will not be condemned.

Who am I?

In Christ, I am all these things...

...and so much more.

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