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Collectable Books & Other News

Just a quick update on life with Christopher.

The writing hasn't stopped, but it has slowed a little as I'm finally getting back to opening my eBay store again. I went last weekend to the store and purchased some more bookshelves to display my stock (and make it easier to pull orders when sold).

Some of you may not know about my eBay store so I'll take this opportunity to introduce you. While I don't hold strictly to this genre, the majority of my collection involves movie tie-in novels. There are many more selections to choose from, but when I'm shopping at local garage sales and thrift stores, movie tie-in novels are what I'm looking for first.

You'd be surprised at the value some of these books hold. Take for instance the Halloween movies from the 80s...the novelizations for these movies can reach sales topping over $200!

Of course, I have other books to choose from too. In addition to movie novelizations, I can't turn away a good first edition. True first editions can often hold great value too. Anyway, that's what's been going on this week and if you are interested in viewing my eBay store, you can click on this handy little link: Paw-Paw's Ink Well eBay Store

What else? Well, on the art front, I have a nice selection of greyscale coloring pages dropping on my Patreon page tomorrow. If you aren't into adult coloring then you're missing out! It's a relaxing way to spend time in front of the television or to just get absorbed in the creative process. You don't have to be an artist to enjoy coloring and greyscale coloring pages are becoming the go-to in adult coloring.

What are greyscale coloring pages you ask? Greyscale is when you print a color image with nothing but black ink or toner and then using that image to color using colored pencils, pastels, or markers. To the left is a greyscale coloring page that will be a part of the December collection on my Patreon page. To the right is the same image (not finished) colored with alcohol ink marker (which will be enhanced to completion using my set of Prismacolor Premier pencils).

So, how do I get access to these images to print and color, Chris?

I'm so glad you can access these, and many other images, only through my Patreon page. There are several tiers for both coloring and writing, but for only $4 a month you will have access to all my coloring pages. Print them and color them as much and as often as you like and at the beginning of every month, I'll be adding another collection. Starting tomorror there will be more than 50 images to color...more than enough to keep you occupied! Here's the handy little link to my Patreon page: Paw-Paw's Ink Well Patreon Page

And don't fret...if you can't become a paid Patreon member at this time, there is a free membership and from time to time I'll post a free coloring page (such as the one you see will be available to free members as well). However, unless you click one of those membership options, you won't have access.

That's all for now, fellow readers. Thank you for spending a little time with me here and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Until next time,


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