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I Am Nobody - Review

I seldom venture onto online bookseller sites to see how and if readers have rated or review my publications.

Today, I ventured onto the Barnes & Noble website and I found a review for my memoir, I Am Nobody, and it almost brought me to tears. I hadn't read it before and even though the reviewer states we grew up together, they posted it as anonymous and to my knowledge, have not contacted me to let me know about the glowing review. I'll share it here along with the link if you'd like to check the book out for yourself (side note, I'm cleaning up the spacing and punctuation a little).

Do you have a past that you can't let go of? Do you hold resentment without knowing all the circumstances? Do you need to forgive and let go of what is holding you back? Then this is a book you need to read.
Awesome book! Chris is a childhood friend of mine and this is the first book I have read but I will be reading them all... This book is so encouraging and I learned so much I never knew which just makes me love him that much more.... He is an inspiration knowing the struggle he went through as a child that, my guess, no one really knew, and he teaches us that we have to love and forgive like Christ loves and forgives us... A must read as I know his other books are as well... Good job Chris, so glad I finally read this and I am so proud of you...

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and I'll probably "see" you again here in early December.

Until then...


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