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Art Gallery Showing

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen a recent post about some good new coming my way. Today, it's official...I will be showing my jewelry in a local art gallery!

I met Denny with the Chrysalis Gallery a few weeks ago when my neighbor (also the man that does all the maintenance on our rental) saw my artwork and introduced us. I took a few of my pieces of artwork to that initial meeting and also mentioned the jewelry I'd been making recently-the only sample of it was the ring I wore and a few pictures on my phone.

Since that meeting, we've connected on Facebook and while my ultimate goal is to get my artwork hanging on the gallery walls, he had room for my jewelry in March, if I was interested.

Well, yeah, I'm interested! And it took me all of .003 seconds to say, count me in!

This morning, I went to the gallery to sign the contract with Denny's helper, DJ, and to drop off what jewelry I had ready, making it all official. So, throughout the month of March, I'll be in and out of the gallery for various events and can't wait to meet new artists and collectors in the area-and hopefully make a few sales in the process.

Please be sure and take a moment to like the Chrysalis Gallery Facebook page:

If you are in the Spokane, Washington area, be sure to stop by and see all the beautiful artwork and jewelry on display throughout the month of March and beyond. Denny has a good heart and tries his best to promote local artists as well as help those less fortunate that can't afford art supplies. If you have any donations you'd like to send, here's the address (or you can donate right on the Chrysalis Gallery website):

Chrysalis Gallery

911 S Monroe ST

Spokane, WA 99204

Here are a few of the pieces I'll be displaying:

Thanks for stopping by and please remember to give this blog a share...I rely on word of mouth to promote and every like, share, and comment helps me tremendously by getting my artwork and jewelry in front of an expanded audience.

Until next time,


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