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Beyond the Closet Door

New collection of short stories

Now available - only at Amazon

From where do stories come?

Do authors dream them? Write from experience? Use nuggets of inspiration from others? The truth: all these examples are correct.

One of my curiosities (as a reader) has been on the genesis of a story. Yes, they all start out as a piece of a whole. In some cases, they remain that way...short and to the point. In other cases, the story grows, spreading across the blank page like a virus until that little nugget of inspiration has grown into a full-blown novel.

The inspiration behind this book is that point before the genesis stage. I feel inspired to share with everyone the raw story...the story before all the edits and rewrites and growth. The stories contained within these pages reflect just that: the sudden spark, written down in mere minutes that will one day spark a much larger tomb. And I want to share these with give you a glimpse into what's to come from this author. In most cases, each of these stories are just as they were first written...the way they were first bled onto those inky pages with many (but not all) containing the sources of inspiration...the story behind the story.

So, are you ready to delve into the mysteries held Beyond the Closet Door? If so, get your copy now only at Amazon (available in both paperback and for your Kindle devise).

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