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When Opportunity Comes

There are many chances in life to jump at opportunities. They present themselves all the time, the trick is to recognize them when they present themselves. There are several quotes floating around about opportunity and these are a couple of my favorites.


"When opportunity presents itself, don't be afraid to go after it.”

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”


One such opportunity presented itself to me a couple of weeks ago while speaking with Toni Browning from the Houston County Courier located in Crockett, Texas. The 2020 Texas Press Association Convention & Trade Show was looming around the corner and she approached me, asking if I would be willing to part with a piece of artwork for their silent auction/fundraiser. "The problem is,“ she said, “I have a limited budget."

I wasn‘t worried about that...I only saw opportunity!

At first, we discussed some of my oil pastels that I've been making later but the more we spoke, I realized this could be a real opportunity to get my name out there and really show off some of my more detailed work. While we spoke, one detail came to light...items that dealt with the newspaper industry usually received lots of attention.

A design started to come together in my head. An early 1900's setting with a young boy holding up a paper. I believe they were once called Barker's because they spent the day trying to attract attention and selling their quota of newspapers (among other things-Barkers were also synonymous with carnivals and theaters). In my memory (mainly from various movies from the era), they are the ones shouting, "Extra, all 'bout it!"

I told Toni I'd be more than happy to help her out and would be super excited to come up with something for her to take and auction off. Besides the Barker, I already knew the drawing would include the current Houston County Courier business location along with one of the oldest and most iconic buildings in town, the old Ritz Theater. It wasn't until I made it home and told my wife what I was doing when she threw in an idea of her own.

"What about one of those old know, the ones that were in the big cities?"

That's when the image in my head became complete. I spent the next day researching reference photos and planning the layout. When that was complete, I started to sketch. What transpired over the next couple of days is the image below.

Thank you Toni and the Houston County Courier for approaching me about this opportunity. It's one that I would have been remiss if I were to let it pass me by. I'm hoping that it helps your organization raise the necessary funds and I hope you'll think of me again in the future.

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Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you've had a blessed New Year. Check back often because I have another book just about ready to drop. The Gravedigger, book 2 in The Roseland Chronicles is the second full-length novel in the series. Coming Soon!

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